I spent Christmas in Juarez, Mexico with Maria Avalos and her family. I arrived at Maria's home in Las Cruces, New Mexico early on Christmas day and I rode with her across the border into Mexico. Maria's son, Ivan, was deported to Mexico in 2016. Ivan is a U.S. Army veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. He served a prison sentence for aiding and abetting in a kidnapping along with his brother Johnathan but unlike his brother, Ivan was not a US citizen, and so after a year in ICE detention, he was deported leaving behind most of his family including, his young daughter who he has not seen since being deported. He lives about an hour away from his family but in a separate country in one of the most dangerous cities in that country. Ivan wasted no time in becoming an advocate for himself and for other deported veterans. He helped open a deported veterans home in Juarez. A similar house exists in Tijuana and helped bring initial awareness to the stories of deported veterans. Along with a breif stop at his grandmothers, Ivan was part of the first Christmas that the men shared together in the home in Juarez and I wanted to be there to document it. It was clear how much some of these men treat each other like family. I hope to be able to travel back to Juarez and spend more time with these men and get to know the and continue to tell their stories. For now I want to share these photos that I made all just on Christmas Day. Thank you for looking.